Fast Freight

FastFreight™ is the fully-integrated software package designed and used by Manchester Motor Freight. MMF created FastFreight™ from the ground up after failing to find any product that could fullfill the needs specific to intermodal container drayage trucking companies.

FastFreight™ and our electronic data interchange software, FastFreightEDI™, have made a significant impact on the quality of service we now offer our intermodal partners.

FastFreight™ organizes, traces, schedules and bills each shipment. With FastFreight™, our people have 1-click access to all our documents. The result is better communication with our trading partners, a faster response rate, and higher quality trucking services.

FastFreightEDI™ is the translation software we developed to allow MMF to transfer information via electronic data interchange (edi). FastFreightEDI™ works seamlessly with FastFreight™ to electronically transfer prenotes, bills of lading, freight bills, etc. to and from our trading partners in a format that is both secure and readable.

With the cutting-edge technology of FastFreight™ and FastFreightEDI™, Manchester Motor Freight is able to meet, and often exceed our customer’s expectations and has allowed us to grow into one of the largest and most dependable intermodal drayage trucking companies in New England.