Service Area

Intermodal Drayage Service Area

Manchester Motor Freight provides intermodal drayage trucking services throughout all six New England states, throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, and new in 2021, Florida! In the Northeast we move containers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont as well as in the Albany, New York area. We moving shipping containers in an out of CSX Intermodal railroad terminals  in Springfield and Worcester, Massachusetts, and Norfolk Southern Railroad’s terminals in Ayer, MA and Albany, NY. We also service the steamship container port in Boston, MA – Conley Pier.

In 2018 Manchester Motor Freight expanded westward and opened an office in Salt Lake City, Utah. We now provide drayage services in and out of the Union Pacific intermodal terminal in Salt Lake City to the surrounding region, including Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. In 2020 we continued our expansion and began servicing the BNSF and Union Pacific railroad terminals in Denver, CO. In 2021 we expanded to Florida and started servicing the CSX Winter Haven, FL terminal outside of Orlando, FL.

Our dispatchers are geographically oriented, with each intermodal railroad terminal (or “ramp”) the focus and responsibility of an individual dispatch team.

Our Intermodal Drayage Trucking Service Area

Our truck drivers generally live and work within easy proximity to their designated intermodal terminal facilities which allows for quick and efficient response time for our intermodal shipping customers. Together, the truck drivers and dispatchers for a particular railroad terminal each contribute his or her in-depth knowledge about the consignees, the shippers, the intermodal terminals and the numerous routes in between.

Our customers are primarily Intermodal Marketing Companies and Third Party Logistics Companies who are moving freight in intermodal containers across the United States. Manchester Motor Freight provides the trucking service to move the intermodal container from the shipper to the intermodal railroad terminal where it gets loaded on a train for the long distance portion of the shipment or we pickup the intermodal container at the railroad terminal and deliver it to its final destination.

Thanks to our team-oriented approach, Manchester Motor Freight is the most efficient and reliable intermodal drayage trucking company in New England, and the Rocky Mountain region.