Manchester Motor Freight

Manchester Motor Freight utilizes a fully-integrated software package designed specifically for intermodal container drayage trucking companies. We have electronic data interchange (EDI) capability and electronic document imaging. These features have made a significant impact on the quality of service we now offer our intermodal partners.

Our System organizes, traces, schedules and bills each shipment. Our system provides our people with 1-click access to all our documents. The result is better communication with our trading partners, a faster response rate, and higher quality trucking services.

MMF also utilizes the latest Electronic Logging Device technology to accurately maintain compliance with all hours-of-service regulations. Furthermore, all trucks are equipped with forward facing, in-cab, dashcams, ensuring the safety or our drivers and the motoring public.

With the cutting-edge technology of our transportation management system, combined with real-time GPS visibility, Manchester Motor Freight is able to meet, and often exceed our customer’s expectations and has allowed us to grow into one of the largest and most dependable intermodal drayage trucking companies in New England and the Utah region.

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